Retirement Tips

Let us help you make a smooth transition into Assisted Living

You will find there are several variations between Assisted Living communities, so it is important to take your time finding one that best fits you and your family's expectations, interests and budget.

Choosing the right Senior Living community for you

The Internet is an excellent way to research Assisted Living communities. You will be able to find a variety of information about each community on their Web site, helping you decide if it could be the right choice for you. The best way to learn about a specific retirement community is to visit it first-hand. Schedule tours of your preferred communities after you do your research, and bring a list of questions with you to each community.

The best way to find out which Assisted Living community is right for you is to stay while. Get a taste of what life is like at each community by attending an event, fitness class, scheduled activity or enjoying a meal in the community's dining room. While you are there, ask the residents what they think about their home. After all, whose opinion is better than a resident's?

Before the move

So, you found the perfect Assisted Living community and are excited to move-in. Although transitioning into retirement living is rejuvenating, many seniors feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished and may feel sad to be leaving their familiar neighborhood or home. These feelings are completely normal, and the resident and their loved ones should talk openly to resolve any concerns or emotions together.

1. Make sure you have answers to all your questions and have completed all the necessary paperwork. Make copies of important documents.

2. Discuss all of the fees and costs with an associate of the community. Be certain these expenses fit comfortably into your budget.

3. Find out which fees are due before you move-in so there are no surprises on move-in day. Keep receipts of any payments.

After the move

It is time to experience a new way of living! The best way to feel at home quickly is to take advantage of all the services and amenities your Assisted Living community has to offer. Join fitness classes, activities and events at your new home to get to know your neighbors and the staff. Invite your family to your favorite activity, introduce them to all your new friends and watch as your social life begins to blossom.